About Science Journalism Forum

SJF is a fully virtual global event where science journalists, writers, publishers, scientists, students, and academia can share new ideas and thoughts in science journalism. The forum aims to empower all stakeholders with new tools that help them communicate, network, and learn from their peers all over the world. Compared to offline events, the virtual SJF is less costly, eco-friendly, and brings all experts in no matter where they are.

We support diversity, So we have talks and speakers from all over the globe and without any language barriers. Speakers can deliver their talks in their own local language. SJF aims to upgrade the skills of journalists all over the world with a focus on developing countries, so Anyone can attend and benefit from the content regardless of their knowledge of the English Language. We encourage our speakers and attendees to express their challenges and needs in any language they prefer, that’s why we accept sessions in any language.

Any sponsored content will be clearly labeled for attendees. Attendees have the full right to attend any talk based on their interests.

Since first launched in 2020, SJF has landed 3 remarkable editions, the last of which is SJF22 that achieved tremendous success bringing 1550+ attendees from 150+ countries, and now is preparing for the next edition to take place in 2023.

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