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Welcome to an exceptional and unparalleled opportunity for profound growth and enrichment within the realm of science journalism. EurekAlert! invites you to explore a diverse collection of session recordings, featuring esteemed professionals, visionaries, and pioneers. Immerse yourself in the future of science journalism through a rich library of sessions that will enhance, inspire, and elevate your career.

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Register a new account at EurekAlert! and enjoy FREE access not only to SJF23 recordings but all SJF sessions. Gain an exclusive edge with embargoed information for your journalistic pursuits.

  • Year-Round Learning: Access over 200 sessions and workshops for unlimited learning and development from past SJF editions, featuring luminaries like Carl Zimmer and Deborah Blum, among more.

  • Featuring speakers from diverse backgrounds, ensuring talks are accessible worldwide, and overcoming language barriers through multilingual sessions and workshops.

  • Access boundless resources.

More than Just Free Access! Crafting an Unparalleled Experience

EurekAlert! isn't just about access; it's about discovering profound insights and connecting with experts. With SJF23, you can elevate your storytelling. This multilingual virtual Forum empowers you to uncover, understand, and present groundbreaking stories that captivate your audience.


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Exclusive embargoed content

Tailored for working journalists, keeping you relevant and informed.

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Get weekly embargoed press packages from journals like Science, PNAS, and Cell.

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Join embargoed press teleconferences with leading researchers.

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From esteemed sources like JAMA, Lancet, and more.

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Stay ahead with instant embargoed news releases from institutions and publishers.

Access over 100 daily releases

From research institutions, staying up-to-date.

Rich Historical Archive

Dive into a treasure trove of science news releases dating back to 1996.

Multimedia Boost

Explore 220,000+ videos, images, and podcasts for engaging storytelling.

EurekAlert! is your gateway to a transformative journalism experience. Join today and redefine how you engage with science communication.

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Please review the following criteria to qualify for EurekAlert! membership and gain access to your SJF23 session recordings for free.

  • You must demonstrate a journalistic need for early access.
  • You must hold a position on staff as a journalist, editor, graphic artist, or producer at an eligible news media outlet*.
  • Interns and fellows working at eligible outlets may apply with a confirmation letter from an editor stating the internship/fellowship end date.
  • Students and staff members of student publications are not eligible.
  • You must demonstrate a journalistic need for early access by providing three (3) recently published news stories and/or a letter from an editor.
  • Clips and letters must be associated with an eligible news media outlet.
  • Clips must be no more than six (6) months old and show the applicant's byline, the date of publication, and the news outlet's name (an editor's letter is required if no byline is listed).
  • Applicants without recently published clips must provide letters from editors confirming current or ongoing freelance assignments.
  • Applicants who hold ineligible affiliations (PIOs, scientists) who may also occasionally write journalistic articles are not eligible.

Adhering to this set of criteria is essential.

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SJF breaks away from convention by embracing a fully virtual experience, connecting global peers, experts, and pioneers in science journalism. This year, the forum delved into the introspective theme "Seeking Best Practices," presenting outstanding voices that highlight successful initiatives and transformative shifts in the field.

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