Science Journalism Forum 2021 - Attendance Fellowships

Welcome to Science Journalism Forum 2021. We are offering attendance fellowships for our colleagues who can’t afford attendance fees. These fellowships are provided by our partners Knight Science Journalism Forum @ MIT, EurekAlert!, and Knowable Magazine.

If you are looking for a fellowship, please fill this form. Before you start, please read the following points:

– Check our website to discover more about SJF
– SJF21 will be organized from 30 August to 2nd September 2021
– You can submit your samples in the original language. No need to translate the content
– Attending fees are 50 USD for professionals and 25 USD for Students. If you can afford it, please save the full fellowship to colleagues who can’t do it.
– Accepted fellows are expected to attend the full program
– All data that you share with us is confidential. We will never share it with any party except the fellowship funders. Other details are anonymous and won’t be shared with anyone.

Applicants will be notified on a rolling basis.

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