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Enhance Your Organization's Impact

Boost your organization's profile and engage with over 1,500 science journalists from renowned media organizations worldwide!

Thought leadership

Position your organization as a leader in the Science Journalism & Communication domain by highlighting your organization's commitment to developing Science Journalism and the areas where you can effectively contribute to empowering the industry's stakeholders. Launch your new product/service, or lead a session or workshop.

Collaborative Outreach & Engagement

SJF attendees dedicate themselves to staying updated on the latest trends and best practices within the realm of science journalism. They actively seek resources and platforms that elevate their knowledge and practical application. Partnering with SJF lets organizations connect with these committed professionals, highlight their initiatives, and collaboratively advance science journalism.


SJF is the most diverse science journalism event, and your unique opportunity to enhance and consolidate your relationships at the highest level in the Science Journalism industry and form valuable connections, and showcase your expertise and organization as a trusted partner among top professionals.

Hiring & Finding new talents

SJF includes a diverse global community of science journalists, from aspiring students to knowledgeable experts. So you can easily find potential hires who perfectly match your requirements.

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