4 Editions of Enrichment in The Science Journalism Field!

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Welcome to the Science Journalism Forum's 4th Edition, SJF23! Get ready for an exceptional experience that is packed with valuable content and career-changing practices in the field of science journalism.


The Date

23 October - 26 October 2023

Mark your calendars for these four exciting days of insightful discussions, learning, and networking. SJF takes place virtually, making it accessible to science journalists and enthusiasts worldwide without the need for travel.

Why SJF?


Accessible and Eco-friendly

SJF is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by hosting the event virtually. Enjoy the full conference experience from the comfort of your home or office, reducing travel costs and complications while contributing to a greener future.


Trust and Credibility

With just three years under its belt, SJF has earned the trust of top publishers and organizations worldwide. Our partners and sponsors vouch for the quality and impact of our events, making SJF events a must-attend for anyone in the science journalism field.



SJF is committed to fostering inclusion in science journalism. Our platform is open to all, regardless of economic status, years of experience, or background. We believe in equal access and opportunities for all stakeholders.


Multilingual Content

SJF understands the importance of reaching a diverse audience. That's why we offer content in five languages (English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese), ensuring that participants can engage in their mother tongue and connect with a global community of science communicators.

Theme: "Seeking Best Practices"

SJF23 is dedicated to exploring and showcasing the best practices in science journalism. Dive deep into discussions and presentations centered around this theme, and gain valuable insights to elevate your own work.

Expect Something Special!

SJF23 is bringing with it


Personalized Content

At SJF23, we personalize your experience to match your interests. Our specially crafted guide assists you in navigating the event according to your unique preferences, whether you're looking for job opportunities, learning tips, or networking.


Innovative Tools

Explore a treasure trove of innovative tools that are reshaping the landscape of science journalism. These tools are not just changing the game; they're defining its future.



Best Practices and Success Stories

SJF23 will feature sessions and workshops presented by prominent speakers who will share their success stories and shed light on the best practices in science journalism.


Impactful Initiatives

Discover initiatives that have left a lasting mark on science journalism. A slew of projects that have shaped the industry and continue to drive positive change.


SJF23 Topics

  • A Tactical Guide to Science Journalism
  • The Art of Pitching & Freelancing
  • AI Tools for Data Visualization
  • Is Science Journalism Industry Dying?
  • Tips for new science editors
  • Science Journalism in the Arab World
  • Connectors & Jourlance
  • Reframing Trust in Science: What Are the Lessons for Science Journalism?
  • How to Write about Quantum Science
  • Making the Most of TikTok and Vertical Video
  • ESPOL Divulga and the New Paradigm of University Outreach
  • COVID-19: Exploring New Formats for Online Science Communication
  • Humanizing Science Stories
  • Constructive Journalism: How to turn a science interview into an inspiring story?

Join us at SJF23 and be a part of the future of science journalism. Get ready for an enriching, inclusive, and environmentally conscious experience that you won't want to miss. Stay tuned for more updates, speaker announcements, and registration details!

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