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Wednesday, September 1st - 18:00 PM To 18:30 PM

MealFlour: Using Mealworms to Improve Food Security in Guatemala

English Track


80% of the world eats edible insects, but MealFlour is one of the first programs to teach people how to grow insects at home in order to improve their nutrition and health. Mealworm powder is a source of complete protein and by weight contains twice as much protein as beef. The basic farm is a box, only a square foot around, that can fit under a table or in the corner of a room. Compared to beef, mealworms require 2000 gallons less water to produce the same amount of meat. This is important for families living in the rural areas of Guatemala which are prone to droughts and where resources are strained. MealFlour is working to promote a global movement around edible insects as a way to improve food security, nutrition, and health, all while moving our food system to be more environmentally sustainable.


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