Dr. A.P.Jayaraman holds a Ph.D. in science, PGDMM in management, and a diploma in engineering.
He started his professional career at the age of 22 after graduating from the elite Scientific Officers’ Training School of the Atomic Energy Establishment. He had a distinguished and diverse career in several disciplines and divisions of the Department of Atomic Energy for forty years. After retirement, he relocated to Singapore and worked as a Professor of Environmental Engineering for Griffith University. He served as Dean Academic, Sadanam Institute of Management Studies, Palakkad, Kerala. He is the Chairman of the National Centre for Science Communicators and is the President of The Academy for STEAM. He is a Trustee of the Indian Development Foundation and is engaged in interacting with Teachers and Students across India on Next Generation Science education and Analytical Thinking Skills. During the last two academic years, he reached out to over 100 schools and colleges, interacted with 7000 teachers, and addressed over 50000 students. He is the adviser to the Labour India group of Publications Kerala on Science and technology and career guidance and traveled throughout the villages of Kerala meeting teachers and students in an intensive and extensive interactive education project. He is a past Chairman of the Indian Institute of Materials Management and is guest faculty to numerous Management Institutes and B-schools. He has delivered lectures and conducted workshops on Scientific Management and science education topics in the USA, UK, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Malaysia, and the Middle east. He has won the International Copernicus Award from Poland for Science Popularization and numerous national and state awards in Science communication. He is the author of 20 science books, over 3000 science articles, and has logged over 35000 Science and Technology discourse hours. His latest book is- We are 118- an autobiography of the chemical elements released at the Royal Society of London.

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