About Ahmed Hassan Balah

Seeking truth and freedom, by acquiring knowledge and Wisdom; Trying to Serve Community, through working and participating in projects and initiatives related to media and development fields.

He worked as Communication Officer at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for Four years. He also worked as Communication Officer and Media Consultant for many initiatives like, for example, the “Initiative of Promotion Inclusive Development in Kuwait through Engagement with Religious leaders” which is developed by Kuwaiti government in collaboration with UNDP Kuwait, in the period from Dec 2011 until June 2013, and the “Empowering the Egyptian Women Initiative” which is developed by Population council of Egypt in collaboration with the UNICEF Organization, in the period of Aug 2012 to Nov 2012.

He did many training workshops in different Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Gaza and Egypt about issued related to media, development and human rights. He has more than 10 years experience in another areas related to Print, Online Journalism and the social media . Since 1999 my main career focus has been that of a professional journalist. I have worked as a writer, editor and translator in many channels and fields.

He has Project Management Diploma from The Regional IT Institute in Egypt (RITI), 2016, and a Global Marketing Diploma from Eslsca university in Cairo, 2013 and a Media Translation Diploma, AUC in Cairo, 2011, Bachlor Degree in Chemistry from Ain Shams University, in additional to a lot of training workshops and programs in Leadership and development, electronic and citizen journalism.

Ahmed Hassan Balah Sessions

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