About Anto Mohsin

Anto Mohsin is assistant professor in residence in the Liberal Arts Program at Northwestern University in Qatar. He’s also an affiliated faculty member of Northwestern University’s Science in Human Culture Program in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. He teaches introductory and upper level courses in Science and Technology Studies (STS), an interdisciplinary field examining science and technology critically in their broader sociopolitical contexts. Mohsin received his PhD in STS from Cornell University.

Mohsin’s teaching and research interests include environmental studies, energy studies, and disaster studies, examining topics in these areas using an STS perspective. Most recently, Mohsin has developed an interest in science journalism and science communication. He is currently working with two fellow principal investigators to assess how Qatari media outlets have shaped the public’s understanding of science and engaged with various scientific topics. He is also leading a team of student researchers who are exploring various science journalism themes through podcast. You can access the Science Journal podcast episodes on its website: https://www.sciencejournalqa.com/

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