About Ashraf Amin

Head of the Science & Technology Department in Al-Ahram Newspaper, media trainer, science journalist for more than 20 years. He’s Senior Editor and content creator of the TV show Shoghl 3ali, the first Egyptian TV show on labor ethics, AI and the future of jobs that was aired on CBC channel.

He’s a board member of the research ethics committee at the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the Air Force hospital. He’s a copy editor for several agencies. He has been providing media consultations for several companies, NGOs and organizations working in Egypt.

He wrote 2 books: letters from Egypts stories of stigma and discrimination against HIV survivors (published in Arabic and English languages), the project was created by the Ford foundation. He is the second co- editor of the science journalism manual (published in Arabic, English and French) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He holds an M.Sc. degree in Science Policies for Sustainability from Sussex University. His experience varies in the fields of creating, assessment and production of media content for newspapers and TV.

Ashraf Amin Sessions

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