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Carlie Wiener

About Carlie Wiener

Dr. Carlie Wiener is the Director of Communications and Engagement Strategy for Schmidt Ocean Institute. In this leadership role, she has drawn international attention to the science completed through the institute’s ship-based program, expanded global partnerships, and implemented a communications strategy for the organization. Dr. Wiener has more than fifteen years of experience in marine science communications working on strategy, research, community outreach, evaluation, and professional leadership. She received her bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in communications and her Master’s and Doctorate degree in environmental studies from York University in Toronto, Canada. Her previous research has focused on integrating natural and social science for marine management, environmental education, experiential learning, and marine mammal tourism. Carlie also hosted the monthly marine science podcast, All Things Marine for six years, and has taught several courses on communicating ocean sciences and marine science for the public. She has more than twelve peer-reviewed publications spanning research in ecosystem based management, qualitative analysis, environmental impact, and science education.