About Faisal Khan

Dr. Faisal Khan leads an interdisciplinary and translational biology research group that is interested in developing and using systems and synthetic biology tools to solve problems in medicine and other industrial sectors. His current areas include cell and systems biology and the use of multi-omic approaches to target cancer.

Dr Khan’s lab started in 2013 and is now affiliated with multiple institutions in Peshawar and is funded by private and public funds (both provincial and federal). This includes the SynBioKP project which spawned a synthetic biology community and Pakistan’s first IGEM teams and the Precision Medicine Lab which is Pakistan’s first attempt at cancer genomics and precision medicine. Dr Khan is also the founder of Averos, a synthetic biology company that is redefining how we manufacture products across sectors including Pharma, Ag, Food, Leather and Textiles. He has won several awards both in academia and the industry and advises the federal and provincial governments on numerous boards and committees on education, science, technology, innovation and the industry. Faisal graduated with a Masters and Doctorate from the University of Oxford and was nominated as the Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2019.

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