About Hadeer Elhadary

Hadeer Elhadary, an Egyptian journalist. She has been working in journalism for 9 years. Interested in writing environmental stories and focus in my work on biodiversity, sustainability, climate change risks, and solutions for a better future. Now, she writes for Scientific American-Arabic edition, a website funded by nature and “climate” website. Also, She is the creative manager for the “climate school” initiative which offers training for journalists. She had fellowships on climate change and biodiversity from Metcalf institute- Rhode Island university, Climate Tracker organization, Free Press Unlimited organization, the French media development agency | CFI, Goethe-Institute, Africa21, and finally the German Foreign Ministry and “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue”. She won five awards for her stories from the Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations “FAO”, Africa 21 organization, Egyptian Syndicate, Plan International organization, and “Suzan Zaki” award from the ministry of environment. She wrote stories about biodiversity, climate change, agriculture, and smart solutions to adapt to climate change.

Hadeer Elhadary Sessions

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