About Lynne Smit

Lynne Smit is a South African journalist and communicator who enjoys understanding and ‘translating’ the most complex and technical of subjects, finding the right angle for the target audience, and writing copy that people want to read. She enjoys using multimedia and social media techniques, including scripting, recording and editing podcasts. Her skills also include photography, design and layout.

Her career track record includes 30 years’ experience working as a reporter and sub editor on various publications, including newspapers in South Africa and the Financial Times in London. She was a mentor in the World Federation of Science Journalists’ SjCOOP programme. She is past president of the South African Science Journalists’ Association and past chair of the South African Freelancers’ Association.

She is also the author of five college textbooks and the editor of The Architect and the Scaffold, a book on the teaching of evolution in South Africa.

She has worked for a number of international organisations, including the WHO as senior writer in the WHO African Region headquarters in Brazzaville, and has provided communications services to the UK’s Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, UNESCO, The EU, and international conferences mostly in the health, technology and innovation arenas.

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