About Mahad Abdi Robleh

I am pleased to present this request to you to take advantage of the opportunity. my position: Deputy head of web media service radio television Djibouti – RTD . Graduated from Imam Muhammad bin Saud University in Riyadh. College of Media and Communication. Bachelor’s degree / specialization / public relations. My nationality is Djibouti / Resident/ Djibouti city . I love the profession of public relations and majored in the university period It was my choice and I was happy and enjoying this specialty If I were given this opportunity, I will be grateful and happy It helps advance my professional and academic life. Because I am the official who supervises the digital content of Djibouti TV/ web service http://www.rtdd.dj/ / facbook Radio Televison Djibouti / and youtube / RTD Djibouti. Thank you from the heart

Mahad Abdi Robleh Sessions

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