About Martin Enserink

Martin Enserink is a Deputy News Editor at Science magazine. He became a journalist after obtaining a master’s degree in biology from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and joined Science in 1999, working initially at the magazine’s Washington D.C. headquarters and later as a correspondent and news editor from Paris.

He is now based in Amsterdam. Martin has reported stories around the world, focusing on global health, infectious diseases, research ethics, misconduct, research funding, and scientific publishing. He also mentored four African science journalists for 2.5 years as part of SjCOOP, a training program run by the World Federation of Science Journalists, and wrote an online training course, Covering Ebola, together with Helen Branswell. In 2022, he contributed a chapter about writing narrative stories from far-flung places to A Tactical Guide to Science Journalism.

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