About Muhammad Suhail Yusuf

I often say, that “Science is the best antidote of extremism” ( which we are facing every where in our life).

Science is beautiful and charming which inspired me to be a scientist in my school life. But despite of many odds in my life and financial difficulties, Now, I am a science writer and activist.

But life of a science journalist in a developing nation is just like living as extremophiles, because low opportunity, absence of science and tech desks in newsrooms and less activities made it more difficult.

So, here is a quick look on my science writing journey.

1: Three times award winning journalist, for original stories and narratives.

2: Practical journalist and communicator with rich experience in all four forms of journalism, like Print, Radio (FM as well), TV and Web. ( Kindly see the attached CV)

3: I have wrote a chapter in the book published by the Harvard University Press
funded by third academy of sciences. The book entitled “Dry – Life without water” can be seen here:

4: Research and writing fellow at the Duke University USA.

5: 3000 features, 6 book translations, 40 documentaries and 300 radio programs with high impact work.

6:Currently Working at the Express Website as Science and Feature editor.

7: After tonnes of practical work now at final semester at the MSc Mass Communication Program.

8: My work also appeared in Harvard University Press, Canadian and UK websites.

9: 20 years of journalism experience and editor ship jobs at 3 magazines and websites.

You can see my fresh writings here:


I am the first journalist write about dinosaur footprints discovery in Pakistan


I also request to the western and US media outlets to let give some space to the writers and reporters from developing nations. This will help them to gain confidence. On the other hand, these outlets could be more inclusive and diverse as well.

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