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Nelly Marisol Toche Salguero

About Nelly Marisol Toche Salguero

Master in journalism on Public Policies (CIDE) and graduate in communication sciences (UVM). With 14 years of experience, currently head of the science source and co-editor for the Arte, Ideas y Gente, section of the El Economista.

Collaborator for Medscape in Spanish, and editorial director of Paricutin magazine. As an investigative journalist, her work has been published in spaces such as The New York Times, El País and Gatopardo.

Co-founder and vice president of the Mexican Network of Science Journalists (RedMPC in Spanish). Winner of the 10th Prize for Journalism on Scientific and Technological Innovation, and the Cancer Journalism Award 2020, awarded by the European School of Oncology.

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