About Omar Eldardeer

Omar Eldardeer, (Ph.D. student researcher in Cognitive Science).

Omar is a passionate Egyptian in science, Entrepreneurship, and Education. Apart from his educational pathway, Omar is skilled in leadership, creative management, connections, and communication. He is strongly believing in the importance of community development, volunteering, multidisciplinary, and developing minds. Currently, he is volunteering in Egypt Scholars as a coordinator on the public relations team.

Omar got his bachelors in Electrical Energy Engineering at Cairo University in 2017. He then persuaded his studies at the University in Essex, UK, and achieved his master’s degree in artificial intelligence and robotics in 2019. His master’s project was about building a cognitive model for spatial-aware robots in smart homes. Furthermore, he started his doctoral degree in Italy in Cognitive robotics. The degree is focused on building audiovisual attention and perception systems and it is a collaboration between the University of Genova and the Italian institute of technology.

Omar Eldardeer Sessions

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