About Richard Gallagher (he/him)

Richard Gallagher is President & Editor-in-Chief of Annual Reviews, a Palo Alto, California, USA-based nonprofit publisher that specializes in the synthesis and integration of knowledge for the progress of science and the benefit of society. Richard has a PhD from the Department of Cell Biology at Glasgow University, Scotland, and spent 10 years in research, five as Wellcome Trust Lecturer in Immunology at Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland, working on the immunopathology of celiac disease. On moving to publishing, he served as Office Head and Senior Editor for the Europe Office of Science in Cambridge, England before joining Nature in London, England as Chief Biology Editor, where he managed the publication of the papers describing the sequencing of the human genome in 2001. He was later appointed Publisher of Nature before moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, to become Editor & Publisher of The Scientist magazine. He joined Annual Reviews in 2015, where he developed Knowable Magazine, launched in 2017.

Richard Gallagher (he/him) Sessions

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