About Sunny Bains

Sunny Bains is author of Explaining The Future: How to Research, Analyze, and Report on Emerging Technologies. She is an expert in technical research, analysis, and communication with a particular interest in emerging neuromorphic, robotic, and artificial intelligence technologies. For the first part of her career she developed these skills as a tech journalist (Laser Focus World, EE Times, Wired, The Economist, New Scientist) before starting to share them with scientists and engineers around 2000 (UC Berkeley, Imperial College, UCL). She teaches modules on tech journalism at UCL, organised the Association of British Science Writers summer school in 2019, and is currently Secretary of the World Federation of Science Journalists and Chair of the Virtual World Conference of Science Journalists 2022. In addition, Sunny is the founder and Editorial Director of Engineering Inspiration, a website that customises itself to the technical interests of its readers.

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