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Teresa Cruz Sánchez

About Teresa Cruz Sánchez

Psychologist (University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea), with training in Behavior Modification, Industrial Marketing and Health Management. She has developed her professional career in the field of Marketing and Communication applied to the public sector, where she has worked since 1991 in both technical and responsibility positions: Technology and Innovation Management – Grupo INI, Empresa Pública Hospital Costa del Sol, Hospital of Antequera, Department of the Environment, Department of Innovation, Science and Business, Andalusian Knowledge Agency and Andalusian Network of Spaces for Scientific and Technological Dissemination.

Since December 2010 She has directed the Discover Foundation, where she was previously DirCom. Most outstanding projects led in Dissemination and Social Communication of Science: Tourism with Science, The European Night of Andalusian Researchers, Science Citizen, Coffee with Science, Andalusian Science Fairs…She has collaborated in different master’s degrees, courses, publications and postgraduate courses. In these years she has achieved different recognitions that stimulate and give joy, but none as important as the Lerín Honor Scarf.

Generate synergies between institutions, create and stimulate interdisciplinary work groups Specialties: Marketing-Communication applied to different areas: Dissemination and Social Communication of Science, Health, Environment, Politics and Innovation.

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