About Urvashi Kapoor

Urvashi Kapoor is an Associate Editor at Jagran New Media and contributes significantly to the fight against misinformation as a fact checker and media literacy trainer at Vishvas News. With a wealth of experience, Urvashi is a seasoned digital media professional who champions journalistic integrity and accuracy.

Her dedication to truth and media literacy has garnered her recognition as a GNI India Training network trainer, where she imparts her expertise to promote media literacy and critical thinking. Urvashi’s contributions have been acknowledged with the prestigious “”40 Under 40 English Journalism”” award, a testament to her excellence in the field.

Not confined to national borders, Urvashi has represented her organization and literacy projects on both national and international platforms, further highlighting her commitment to responsible journalism and media literacy. Her remarkable career underscores the power of dedicated individuals in shaping the future of journalism and media literacy, making her an inspiring figure in the industry.

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