About Yasmine Bouldjedri

Yasmine Bouldjedri holds a master’s degree in media and a bachelor’s degree in translation. She has been working since 2009 at Annasr newspaper and is currently the head of its local department. She also oversees the medical supplement and presents the newspaper’s weekly podcast.

Over the course of 14 years, she has worked on various topics in local journalism, including interviews, reports, and investigations on various issues. Over the past eight years, she specialized in science journalism and conducted exclusive interviews with numerous Algerian scientists in the fields of medicine, physics and its branches, chemistry, engineering, biology, and the environment.

She is also a science editor and a member of the editorial team of Al-Shihab Al-Ilmy magazine affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education. She is also a certified trainer in data journalism by Deutsche Welle Academy.
Yasmine has received the first prize in the President of the Republic Award for Professional Journalists in 2019 in the print media category.

Yasmine Bouldjedri Sessions

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