Corinne Podger is Director of the Digital Skills Agency, an independent consultancy that has provided training to thousands of journalists & CSOs in more than 50 countries since 2013. Her specialisms include mobile journalism, social media, multimedia, and digital-first strategy, and science topics such as climate change, green finance, public health, and vaccination awareness. Organisations she has worked with include the World Association of Newspaper Editors, the European Climate Foundation, the World Health Organisation, the World Federation of Science Journalists, the Association of British Science Writers, and the Australian Council for International Development. She has also lectured in digital journalism at the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne in digital journalism.


Corinne’s consultancy work draws on a continuous 32-year career as a reporter, primarily with ABC Australia and the BBC World Service. She has worked as a specialist science journalist at both organisations to correspondent and programme editor level. Corinne co-organises an annual Mobile Journalism Conference for Asia and speaks regularly at international conferences and events. She tweets from @corinne_podger