Corresponding scientific journalist for the science and development network SciDev.Net in Ecuador. Professor of journalism at San Francisco de Quito University. Co-editor of the annual monographic series #PerDebate and organizer of the international congress Periodismo en Debate, the most important in the country. Edits magazines, books and digital content and teaches conferences and workshops on scientific communication and dissemination. In 2014, he won the First Scientific Journalism Hack in Mexico with the regional scientific tourism project “Explora a Conciencia”. In 2008, she created the scientific dissemination magazine E-Ciencia, for the University of the Armed Forces (ESPE), which is still in circulation. She has worked as a health journalist in Vanguardia Magazine and economic an social reporter in Expreso Newspaper. Now she is part of ISWA ( International Science Writers Association) and MPC Network (Mexican science journalists).