About Radwa Abdul Latif

Dr. Radwa Abdullatif Zayed

• Manger of the Strategy and Planning at the UAE-based Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF) think tank, the leading global organisation in the research, forecasting and shaping of the future of AI and the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions.
• Head of Media and content team at the Artificial Intelli-gence Journalism World Forum (AIJWF), the first global platform to research and explore AI journalism and 7G journalism.

• Former deputy manger of Akhbar ElYoum public policy forum.
• Assistant Editor-in-Chief, at Al Akhbar News Paper – Egypt.
• 22 years a professional experience as a bilingual Editor and a journalist
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• Bachelor of Educational Media (Journalism), Mansoura University, Egypt, 1998.
• Master of Journalism, Ain Shams University, Egypt, 2006.
• Thesis title: “Journalistic coverage of teenagers issues by specialized newspapers”
• PhD in Educational Media (Journalism), Mansoura Uni-versity, Egypt, 2014.
• Thesis title: “Journalistic coverage of higher education is-sues by Egyptian newspapers and its effect on public”
• Diploma in Media Management from American University in Cairo – 2018
• Diploma in Digital Media from Kamal Adham Center for Jour-nalism and Television – American University- Cairo. 2021.


• Working in Al-Akhbar newspaper since January 1999 in “the department of foreign affairs”.
• Have an archive including more than 300 articles , reports and interviews from 1999 until now.
• Supervised page about teenagers issued in 2006.
• The author of corner entitled “The story of a picture” since 2008. It’s interested in human rights’ issues in the world specially in the Middle East.
• The author of weekly article issued every Tuesday in El Akhbar newspaper interested in national and international issues.
• Presenter of Sah Sah podcast for news fact checking.
• Creator of Sah Sah face book page for content fact check-ing.


• 2021 A special honor from AIJWF in Dubai.
• 2019 A special honor from the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo.

• 2018 Honored by the President of the Korean Cultural Center in Egypt as an ambassador for Korean culture, following a series of dialogues and messages about South Korea that were published in Al-Akhbar newspaper.
• 2018 8 Honored by the Korean Embassy and optional to partici-pate in research in the International Symposium for Korean Studies in the Middle East at Al-Alsun College, Ain Shams Uni-versity.
• 2018 special honor from the Faculty of Specific Education at Mansoura University.
• 2018 Certificate of Appreciation for the Muhammad Issa Al-Sharqawi Award for external coverage on the issue of the Tamimi family, a resistance army in the face of the occupation.

• 2017 Member of the Singapore Friends Association, in recogni-tion of the series of journalistic works that I published on Singa-pore in the news after passing the Middle East Journalism Pro-gram funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singapore.

• 2016 The best foreign coverage award from Egyptian journalists syndicate.
• A special honoring from “Al- Ahram Canadian University”, 2014.
• The best interview award from “the Egyptian journalists’ syndicate” for an interview with Gandhi’s grandson, 2013.
• The award of best story from “the Egyptian journalists’ syndicate”, 2010.
• The award of best political analysis from “the Egyptian journalists’ syndicate”, 2009.
• A certificate of appreciation (Sabry Ghonaim Award) from “the Egyptian journalists’ syndicate” for an article “the story of a picture”, 2008.
• The “Evilyn Ryad” best article award from “Akher Saa Magazine” for an article on woman issues, 2005.
• A certificate of appreciation from “Ain-Shams University, 2001,2002.

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